Make sure that you apply hand-sanitizer after touching these surfaces in public!

In the wake of the current COVID19 – Corona Virus pandemic here in the United States, we have come to realize a new reality in terms of things that we need to do to stay healthy.

Many cities, states, and municipalities have put mandatory mask orders in place. While this is helpful, it’s far from being the best thing that you can do to help ensure good health.

The name of the game here is keeping your hands as clean as possible.

Sadly, it’s impossible to walk around with a sink, soap and, an ample supply of hot water, so we have to make do with substitutions.

Hand-sanitizer is a great substitution to help fill the gaps when hand-washing is not available. With that in mind, we want to list some of the most important times to consider using hand-sanitizer.

Before we begin, let’s look at the latest news from regarding how long the COVID19 virus can live on various surfaces.

Their latest research shows that it can live on metal surfaces like doorknobs, silverware, or handrails for up to five days! If you are out in public and you reach to open a door with a metal handle or knob, be sure to follow that with an application of hand-sanitizer!

Many think of wood as an organic compound, but don’t consider it to be a conduit for germs. The WebMD data shows that the COVID19 virus can survive on a picnic table, or wooden handrail for up to four days! Keep this in mind when you are out in public, be sure to apply hand-sanitizer after touching wood surfaces in public places!

Plastics are up next. The COVID19 virus can remain active for up to three days on grocery bags, elevator buttons, ATM keys, and more. Be sure to apply hand sanitizer after touching any plastic surface in public, even if it’s just one finger pushing an elevator button!

Most people think “sterile” when it comes to stainless steel, but that’s not the case with Corona Virus. It can live on a stainless steel surface for up to three days. The most common areas of concern here are metal doors and handrails. Be sure to apply after touching any of these surfaces!

Last but not least, we have glass. COVID19 can live on a window or bottle for up to five days. If you are walking through a doorway and pop it open for the person behind you, be sure to follow by applying hand sanitizer.

In conclusion, the combination of hard surfaces and public exposure is one to avoid touching. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Always strive to maximize your chances of staying healthy by using good cleanliness practices, including hand sanitizer.

Also, a reminder, if you are out in public, touching things, and your phone is in your hand, be sure to clean it, and your hands when you get home!

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