Healthy Skin – Good Selfies and CBD Products That Can Help!

Get Good Skin, take Good Selfies! CBD based skincare products can help you "lose the filters" and look great everywhere! Skin care is self care. Skincare is going to carry through your whole life so starting a good skin care routine at a young age is very important. Quality skin care products are a must! By using quality skincare products you can prevent wrinkles, acne, dark spots, discoloration and more. Everyone's

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Avoid Touching These Surfaces! The places COVID19 Lives Longest

Make sure that you apply hand-sanitizer after touching these surfaces in public! In the wake of the current COVID19 - Corona Virus pandemic here in the United States, we have come to realize a new reality in terms of things that we need to do to stay healthy. Many cities, states, and municipalities have put mandatory mask orders in place. While this is helpful, it's far from being the best thing

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Hand-Sanitizer: Five Things to Know Before You Buy

Is my hand-sanitizer effective? That is a question you should know before you purchase a hand-sanitizer product for your customers or your brand! With the COVID19 pandemic in full swing here in the United States, there has been a huge shortage of many staple products in our stores, including toilet paper, paper towels, handi-wipes, and hand-sanitizer. With this shortage of supply, many new suppliers have surfaced offering products that may, or

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Hand-Sanitizer Evolves as COVID19 Battle Continues

Our hand-sanitizer product has been in high demand because it is trusted, proven, and effective! During the early stages of the COVID19 - Corona Virus pandemic here in the USA, High Purity Natural Products received a few inquiries from customers, asking if we could supply them with wholesale hand-sanitizer. We immediately sat down with our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and asked that he research manufacturing this product to see what it

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Hand sanitizer is in high demand! We can help.

We are prioritizing orders for our custom-crafted hand sanitizer We are happy to offer prioritized shipping of our custom-crafted hand sanitizer. This product includes CBD & CBG. CBG is known to be anti-bacterial and will provide dual action combined with the alcohol content of the hand-sanitizer. We have great pricing on our specially formulated CBD hand sanitizer. (60%+ alcohol content, gel with Aloe, with up to 800mg of CBD & CBG) Our

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