High Purity Dip Pouches – Revolutionary CBD

Crafted From Select Organic Hemp

We utilize only the finest natural ingredients producing our custom-crafted CBD dip pouches. From the hemp, we start with, to the natural flavors added. There is no harmful filler, only great taste and the purest CBD available.

Farm Sourced

Natural Ingredients

100% GMO Free

GMP Certified

Advanced Formulations

Great Profit Margins

CBD Dip Pouches

CBD dip pouches present optimal delivery, great taste, and a satisfying new product for the CBD market.

Product highlights.

  • Multi-use product – “dip” (place between lip and gum) or “dunk” (steep to brew CBD tea). 
  • Vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural.
  • 99%+ pure CBD isolate.
  • Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Safe – CBD dip pouches contain no nicotine – are a safe alternative to traditional tobacco/nicotine dip and dip pouches.

Four Great Flavors To Choose From

Wintermint – Consists of 20mg CBD, natural sweeteners, and flavoring.

Cool Peppermint – Consists of 20mg CBD, natural sweeteners, and flavoring.

Sweet Spearmint – Consists of 20mg CBD, natural sweeteners, and flavoring.

Citrus Mint – Consists of 20mg CBD, natural sweeteners, and flavoring.

Steep to Brew CBD Tea

With all-natural ingredients and pure CBD isolate, the dip pouches offer consumers two great uses, including a steeped hot beverage – CBD Tea. The mint and citrus flavors are equally delicious when brewed!

Use Dip Pouches Anywhere

Consumers will love the delicious flavors, ease of use, and go anywhere options that our pure CBD dip pouches offer. The pouches can be savored between the lip and gum for long periods of time and are fully biodegradable and all-natural.

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Note: Dip pouches are sold in round, pocket-sized plastic “tins” – 15 pouches per tin. Minimum order is 10,000 tins.

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