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CBD Wholesale

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At High Purity Natural Products we are committed to providing the highest quality CBD products for white label branding and distribution. Our products, made from the very finest, most carefully cultivated hemp, deliver the best that CBD has to offer.

Our team is committed to being ahead of the newest trends in the industry and providing the highest quality ingredients to your private label manufacturing facility so your brand stands out from the crowd.

We work with distributors and merchandisers of all varieties, from budding entrepreneurs with explosive ideas to celebrities, influencers, and businesses with an established brand, to provide solid prozducts that live up to their customers’ expectations. Below, you can view our full nutraceutical offerings of tinctures, edibles, vapes, health and beauty products, and more.

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Private Label CBD Manufacturing and Service we can Offer our Clients Information for:

  • Private Label CBD Tinctures
  • Private Label CBD Skin Care
  • Private Label Oils & Softgels
  • Private Label CBD Edibles
  • Private Label CBD Pet Products
  • Private Label CBD Oils and Vape Oils *
  • Private Label Pure crystalline isolates & and Water Soluble CBD Solutions
  • Private Label Custom CBD Hemp Terpene Blends
  • Container selection and sourcing
  • Label design and printing
  • Web Design
  • Online Marketing and SEO
  • Branding and Consulting
  • Product Photography for your digital presence
  • Packaging
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Drop Shipping
* Please note our vape formulations do not include harmful ingredients or additives such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, vitamin E acetate, MCT oil, polyethylene gylcol, synthetic terpenes, diluents and excipients

CBD Isolate

99% Pure CBD Isolate

Derived from the highest purity hemp-extracted oils, our CBD isolate products are lab tested for purity levels of at least 99% and free of any harmful contaminants. CBD isolate is NOT water soluble, it dissolves very readily in oil (MCT, grapeseed, olive oil, hempseed oil). 1kilo is 1000grams, and 999,000mg of CBD. At High Purity Natural Products, we offer water soluble, in powder form, its 25% CBD so 250,000mg/kilo of active.

Full Spectrum CBD Powder

Our full spectrum CBD powder includes the total range of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the organically grown hemp from which it is derived. Its fine consistency and solubility make it easy to work with as an ingredient, and our expert formulation guarantees maximum quality and purity.

As opposed to CBD isolates, which provide only highly concentrated CBD, our full spectrum powder delivers all the benefits the hemp plant has to offer, but is likewise suitable for use in solutions, lotions, cosmetics, edibles, etc.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Our full spectrum oils include the entire range of terpenes and cannabinoids that our hemp has to offer. This inclusivity provides what experts call the entourage effect—that is, the unique experience of flavor and relief that derives from the interaction of all beneficial ingredients in a given plant.

Our full spectrum oils are free of chemical contaminants, and decarboxylated for full CBD activation. We use third-party lab testing to guarantee potency, purity, and profile, and we can assist with branding, packaging, and marketing of these top-quality oils.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Our broad spectrum CBD oils are formulated to provide not just high-purity CBD but a range of cannabinoids and terpenes for a comprehensive experience. A given compound in the hemp plant may produce a positive result—a pleasurable taste or aroma, or a sensation of relief—but several such compounds working together can create a unique and satisfying effect, what hemp researchers call the “entourage effect”.

Derived from the highest quality, organically grown hemp, our broad spectrum CBD oil is lab tested to ensure potency and purity. Our team of experienced formulation and extraction professionals is committed to delivering a dependable, first-rate product.

Water Soluble CBG

We’ve developed true water-soluble products in powder and liquid form that can be added to ready-to-drink, shelf-stable beverages, bottled water and cosmetics like serums, salves and moisturizers. Enjoy all the effects of CBD and CBG with Water Soluble CBG!

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Contract Manufacturing & White Label Services

In addition to our proprietary line of high-quality white label products, we offer our resources to sellers looking to manufacture a customized curation of hemp and CBD products. We can assist with every step of the process, from formulation to production to branding and marketing, and everything in between.