Hiring a contract manufacturing or contract packaging company can provide significant bandwidth to health, wellness, and beauty companies.

Is your brand experiencing significant double-digit growth to the point that your production lines can’t keep up?

Are your manufacturing capabilities exceeding your packaging abilities?

If your business has chokepoints causing delays in your ability to deliver products in a timely fashion, you might consider partnering with a contract manufacturer or contract packaging company.

Before you proceed, let’s identify the differences between a contract manufacturing company and a contract packaging company.

Contract Manufacturing Company Benefits

A contract manufacturer will manufacture products by contract for another company. Contract manufacturing typically includes an NDA or non-disclosure agreement stating that the manufacturer will not reproduce that product for any other manufacturer and that they will not publicly disclose the partnership.

Once contracted, the company that hires the manufacturer will often supply a “recipe” for manufacturing the products and any proprietary ingredients necessary for manufacturing.

Examples of products that High Purity Natural Products manufactures for our clients:

The contract manufacturing process can have many stopping points. Some companies only want the products delivered in bulk containers, which they will then package in their facility. In contrast, other companies prefer to receive complete – ready-to retail products.

Contract Packaging Company Benefits

If your company is making products faster than they can get them in the final packaging, it’s time to consider working with a contract packaging company.

Contract packaging companies provide a variety of services, including:

  • Filling jars/bottles/pouches with various products like lotions, oils, creams, gummies, tinctures, softgel capsules, and more.
  • Contract packaging can include nitrogen purging, sealing, adding tamper-proof seals, and more.
  • Final packaging – adding bottles, jars, tubes, etc., into shelf-ready display boxes.
  • Labeling – applying labels, headers, etc. to bottles, jars, pouches, etc.

In conclusion, if your health, beauty, wellness company, or brand requires the services of a contract manufacturer or contract packaging/filling company, you’ve come to the right place!

High Purity Natural Products offers an array of contract manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and filling services. We welcome new business inquiries.

Please feel free to get in touch via our contact form to learn more.