Does your celebrity crush own a CBD company?

As much as we sometimes forget that celebrities are actually human, they deal with health problems just like the rest of us. 

Today, there are more than a few who turn to all-natural remedies, including CBD, seeking relief from inflammation related to chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. 

These celebrities have one advantage, their platform. They have the opportunity to speak to the masses and get their attention. Stars can share their experience with CBD and educate their fans and followers. 

One CBD advocate includes Busy Phillips. She has been in movies such as I Feel Pretty and TV series such as Freaks and Geeks. She said she uses CBD to reduce her anxiety. 

Another CBD advocate is mega mogul Kim Kardashian. She had a CBD-themed baby shower that gave her guests a chance to meditate, get massages, try CBD products, and more for a full day of serenity and relaxation. She is a vocal advocate for CBD products. 

Jennifer Anniston is another celebrity who has come to know and love the properties of CBD. She is well known for a long Hollywood career, starting with the TV series Friends, where she played Rachel. She has gone public, discussing how CBD has helped her with pain relief, stress, and anxiety. All without psychoactive effects.

DJ Khaled is launching his own CBD brand! He has been on a health and wellness journey in the past year or so. Part of his discovery process included trying CBD and the benefits it can offer. He now uses CBD as part of his daily wellness regimen.

Celebrities and social media influencers can be an excellent outlet for researching CBD products. Influencers usually are knowledgeable about what they are talking about and give their audience access to products and information outlets they trust. 

Just be aware that some are endorsing brands with no education on the subject to gain money, while others are teaching from their own experience and research. 

Remember to always fact-check with multiple trusted sources to make sure the information is entirely accurate.

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