Wholesale CBD Bath Products are a great way to enhance your retail offerings.

After a long day, what sounds like your serenity? Is it running the tub with warm water, a bath bomb, candles, and calming music? If so, keep reading to see how CBD can enhance your serenity and bring you into a deep relaxation. 

Many health benefits come with taking baths in general. Baths are scientifically proven to improve heart health, breathing, inflammation, anxiety and stress, the immune system, hormones, and of course, cleanse you. 

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Inflammation causes problems from pain to acne and eczema. Chronic inflammation can damage cells, tissues, and organs if not taken care of properly. Tons of people use CBD to help with inflammatory issues and see tremendous results, such as relief. Mixing with hot water may enhance the CBD benefits to give you an optimal outcome for inflammatory relief, relaxation, and breathing easier. Using CBD topically as opposed to ingesting it can help you reap benefits quicker. 

CBD bath products include soaking salts, bath bombs, bubble bars, bath rocks, bath oils, and more. 

Most of the bath bombs include Epsom salt, essential oils, water, coconut or grapeseed oil, fragrances, and can include CBD. Epsom salt is excellent for providing magnesium, promoting sleep, reducing stress, combating constipation, muscle relief, and reducing pain. Coconut oil can kill harmful microorganisms, reduce inflammation, combat acne, heal wounds, and moisturize your skin. Essential oils can reduce stress and anxiety, migraines or headaches, inflammation, insomnia, and have antimicrobial effects. 

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Want to make your own CBD bath products or add CBD to your line of bath products? Contact HPNP! We can custom formulate recipes for your exact desires. You want to add tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties? We can do that. If you would like stronger amounts of CBD or weaker amounts of CBD, we can do that. You want all organic ingredients? We can do that also. We strive to exceed your desires and make the product of your dreams to up your brand and make it a great, all-natural product for your customers’ satisfaction.