Our hand-sanitizer product has been in high demand because it is trusted, proven, and effective!

During the early stages of the COVID19 – Corona Virus pandemic here in the USA, High Purity Natural Products received a few inquiries from customers, asking if we could supply them with wholesale hand-sanitizer.

We immediately sat down with our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and asked that he research manufacturing this product to see what it entails and if it would be possible for us to supply an effective and safe solution to our customers.

In less than a week, our CSO confirmed that we could indeed manufacture a quality hand-sanitizer product in either a gel, or liquid formula. His research also uncovered that the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) had recently published new guidelines for compounding hand-sanitizers, and for the preparation of hand-sanitizers by manufacturers and other facilities, like yours truly.

With this new information in hand, we immediately began the production of FDA compliant formulations of hand-sanitizer. 

After we shipped a few thousand bottles to a few customers, word seemed to spread like wildfire and we began receiving multiple inquiries per day, and then, per hour. 

We were soon to realize that the major producers of hand-sanitizer products were unable to meet the demand…

Only a week or two into the process, we wound up getting the word out with the New England Convenience Store Association and business grew exponentially. We realized soon after that the demand wasn’t just for individual size two-ounce bottles, but also for one-gallon refills, and even larger quantities like 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, and even 275-gallon industrial totes – by the truckload!

Traditional, large scale suppliers were contacting us and purchasing large quantities of our formulas.

As of today, we are supplying two formulations of hand-sanitizer product, a liquid-based formula and a gel formula. The gel formula is only available in the industrial size 275-gallon tote. The liquid formula is available in the personal size 2-ounce bottle, the popular 1-gallon refill, the 5-gallon bucket, and the 55-gallon drum.

We are proud to contribute to the fight against the COVID19 – Corona Virus pandemic. Our customers are wide-ranging, with some of them on the front lines of this fight. We are glad to help.

If you are in the market for bulk hand-sanitizer and you would like to purchase a safe, effective and proven product that is W.H.O. – FDA compliant and manufactured in a GMP facility by a trusted supplier, please get in touch today. We look forward to joining you in the fight against COVID19.

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