We are prioritizing orders for our custom-crafted hand sanitizer

We are happy to offer prioritized shipping of our custom-crafted hand sanitizer. This product includes CBD & CBG. CBG is known to be anti-bacterial and will provide dual action combined with the alcohol content of the hand-sanitizer.

We have great pricing on our specially formulated CBD hand sanitizer. (60%+ alcohol content, gel with Aloe, with up to 800mg of CBD & CBG)

Our price.

2oz bottle with 200mg CBD & CBG.    $4.50
4oz bottle with 400mg  CBD & CBG.    $7.25
8oz bottle with 800mg CBD & CBG.    $11.50

*Minimum order of 100 units.  

Additional discounts are available for larger volume orders 

Lead time. We are here to help! We will prioritize these orders to deliver them as soon as possible. Please call today, (617) 837-6892, or click here to send us an email!