New Year’s Resolution – A CBD New Year!

Who’s excited to see 2020 in the rearview mirror? 2020 has been a shock for everyone from Coronavirus, quarantine, and dying small businesses, we have had to become accustomed to a new way of life.

2020 has presented its obstacles to HPNP, but we have learned how to adapt and grow through this past year. When the Coronavirus started to spread in the US, we did our part by researching what it was and how to take necessary precautions. Our next step was putting safety into action. Our lab is already third party tested and MA compliant, so our kitchen is always kept up to safety and sanitary standards, but we took extra precautions. As a company, our mission statement includes keeping our staff and clients safe, happy, and healthy, and we took all the necessary steps to do so. To adapt to this new way of life, HPNP started producing our own hand sanitizer. We created CBD hand sanitizer and regular hand sanitizer sold in bulk containers or individually packaged containers. As we continue to sell our sanitizer and keep up to safety standards, we give our customers a safe channel to buy products from us through our website from the safety of your own home.

HPNP hopes your 2021 brings better days!

With a new year comes a new year’s resolution. We all have had those resolutions we never end up sticking to. A New Year’s Resolution is a tradition that people use to improve their personal life. They make one commitment to achieve a goal or get rid of one unwanted habit they attain. Common resolutions include losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, quitting an addiction such as smoking, getting organized, saving more money, and many more. Between everything that has gone on in 2020 and is continuing into 2021, it is hard to focus on making and sticking to a New Year’s Resolution.

HPNP is here to help with your New Year’s Resolutions!

Is your resolution to focus on your health or lose weight? Consider trying our sports balm. Our sports balm is excellent for post-workout applications. The hardest part about working out is finding the motivation to start and dealing with muscle soreness after. Our sports balm can be applied to ease soreness and aid in faster muscle recovery. We also offer a Yoga Balm. If lifting weights and going to the local gym is not your scene, try yoga! Yoga is a great way to lose weight, stretch, and focus on mind, body, and soul. Our Yoga balm is used to target those sore muscles and keep you calm even after your yoga session with our custom blend of essential oils. We also offer Mint Pain Balm and Pain tinctures, so you have a variety of choices. Each product is travel-sized and will fit perfectly into your gym bag.

How to stick to your resolutions?

Start with small steps. If you start too big, then you are bound to give up. Write down a list of steps and dates you want to accomplish these steps to keep yourself accountable while being reasonable about when each goal is accomplished. A great way to start your new year is to make a vision board. A vision board is a visual presentation of your goals. It is a way to envision what your life would look like if you achieve those goals. Vision boards are also a great way to motivate. Consider hanging one up in your bedroom or office; anywhere you can see it every day, to have a daily reminder. A vision board keeps you motivated and creates a sense of attainability.

Steps to making a vision board:

  • Get a poster board
  • Cut out pictures and words from magazines or print some offline. These pictures and words are things you strive to have or be. For example, if you want to create your own CBD start-up company, you can put pictures of the products you want to have and write down how you would feel owning your own business and how your loyal customers will feel about your company. You could also put pictures of a storefront you want to rent out for your company and a picture of the logo your company will have. This gives you the outlet to be creative and feel like your dream is coming into real life, and you’re in the works of creating it. If you wanted, you could even add our logo to your vision board since we are a great company to help you make a CBD start-up as we white-label, custom blend, and create bulk products; anything to accommodate your needs.
  • Glue these pictures, words, and phrases to your vision board. You can separate your board into sections, each section being a different aspect of your life (personal goals, fitness goals, money goals, career goals, travel goals, etc.).
  • In big letters, put “In 2021 I am…” in the middle of the board. “I am” is a very powerful saying and creates motivation to make these things a reality in your life.
  • Hang the vision board somewhere you will see it frequently. Take a couple of minutes every day to look over the board. Hopefully, by the end of 2021, you will have accomplished, if not all, some of these goals.

People swear by vision boards, saying they are more likely to achieve their goals when they see them on their vision board. It won’t hurt to try, and it can be a fun, creative activity to do in your free time and an excellent addition to the wall art.

Happy 2021!!