CBD Isolate is a building block ingredient for many health, wellness, and beauty product manufacturers and a wide array of CBD products.

Before we begin, we should identify what CBD isolate is.


CBD isolate is a white crystalline powder. Cannabidiol, in its purest form, isolate contains >99% pure CBD. The production of CBD isolate requires the following steps.

First steps. Before processing, the hemp plant must be fully mature for the chemical compounds to be completely present.

Distillation: The cannabis or hemp solution undergoes a complex distillation process. This process begins the “isolation” process, which is accurate because the CBD must be isolated at the molecular level from all other cannabinoids (including THC) until only CBD remains. Several steps of distillation take place, resulting in full-spectrum CBD extract.

The full-spectrum extract contains all cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant, including CBD and THC.

The distillation continues, the next step removes a majority of the THC resulting in broad-spectrum CBD extract.

Chromatography: The next step removes and separated the unwanted plant materials through a process known as chromatography.

The chromatography process renders CBD isolated.

Winterization: Winterization uses ice-cold temperatures, hence “winterization.” The process removes the remaining materials, including excess fats and remaining plant material, so that only the pure cannabidiol (CBD) remains.

Decarboxylation: The final step of the process includes heating the remaining extract, converting it into pure CBD powder. Decarboxylation is a carefully executed process that renders pure CBD powder – free of any other cannabinoids.

CBD Isolate – The finished goods!

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