White Label Nootropic cognitive enhancing supplements newest offering from High Purity Natural Products.

Nootropics present an excellent opportunity for your brand to offer a natural, high-demand product in the marketplace and increase your sales!

At High Purity Natural Products, we feel it is essential to stay up to date with consumer trends and always be on the cutting edge of natural product manufacturing and product offerings. Recently nootropics have been a trending item amongst consumers due to their ability to boost cognitive performance naturally.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics act as cognitive enhancers, sometimes called “smart drugs,” due to their positive impact on mental functions.

You can imagine that a wide array of consumers may be interested in boosting cognitive function.

Cognitive enhancing supplements are great for many people. College students hoping to ace their exams, a busy professional working towards a promotion, or an older adult concerned with declining cognitive function or dementia, the idea of supplementing your daily diet with a product packed with natural ingredients known to boost brain power is appealing.

High Purity Natural Products’ White Label Nootropic Offerings

Cognitive Enhancer – A well-balanced blend of popular and effective nootropics shown in research studies to positively impact cognitive performance. Includes a proprietary blend of:
Lions Mane
175mg Kratom
Reishi Mushroom

Cognitive Enhancer + – A high horsepower version of our Cognitive Enhance formulation with a high dose of Kratom and supporting nootropics. Includes a proprietary blend of:
450mg Kratom
Lions Mane
Reishi Mushroom

Cognitive Support – A well-balanced blend of nootropics with antioxidant properties and vitamins shown to support cognitive function. Includes a proprietary blend of:
Chaga Mushroom
Vitamin E
Vitamin B Complex

Cognitive De-Stress – Nootropics and adaptogens that support cognitive function and reduce stress. Includes a proprietary blend of:
Ashwagandha Root
Gotu Kola
Lions Mane Mushroom

*Use these proprietary blends as a stand-alone product or as a base blend with your ingredients added!
For more information, please check out our Nootropics product page.