Our new USDA Certified Organic Farm Stand Fresh product line is CBD at it’s finest!

We have added a new CBD product line that your customers will love – USDA Certified Organic!

Every fall in New England, people flock to local apple orchards to purchase natural, hand-picked organic apples and products derived from those local fields. These products are most often organic and clean and so fresh, you can taste the difference.

Imagine if you could offer an equally fresh line of organic CBD products, straight from the farm, like an apple pie or cider from your favorite farm stand.

Well, imagine no more! High Purity Natural Products is pleased to announce our new “Farm Stand” line of goods. They are as fresh as you can get, and USDA Certified Organic at every step.

Our new Farm Stand line of fresh CBD goods comes from a hand-selected, proprietary plant species, grown, harvested, and processed organically. 

The plants are grown under exceptional, pesticide-free conditions. The growing fields have to meet strict criteria that don’t allow pesticide use for seven years before planting, including neighboring fields!

Processing and manufacturing are also organic, yielding USDA Certified Organic products.

We are proud to offer our new Farm Stand line of USDA Certified Organic, ultra-fresh CBD goods. 

We have four great new products to begin. 

Organic Immune Boost Tincture – This tincture features organic, distilled hemp extract with a hint of citrus.

Organic Sleep Tincture – This tincture features pure organic whole hemp plant extract with a hint of lavender and lemonade.

Organic Eye Cream – Anti-aging powered by organic ingredients providing long-lasting hydration. Nourishing eye cream with pure organic oils, vitamin E, hyaluronic acids, and moisture complexes contribute to the best organic care for the eye area.

Organic Beauty Salve – Natural beauty enhanced by organic ingredients, this daily use salve will make skin radiant and healthy with a perfect blend of organic ingredients.

We are very excited about these new products. We are sure that your customers will recognize and appreciate the USDA Organic Certification and will love the quality and benefits. 

Please get in touch today to discuss.

Learn more! Click here to download our organic catalog and price sheet.