Holonix Snap & Use Hand Sanitizer Packet - High Purity Natural Products

Holonix Snap & Use Hand Sanitizer Packet

Single Use Hand Sanitizer Packets

Snap & Use

Holonix™ Hand Sanitizer Liquid packs are a convenient on-the-go hygienic solution. These single-use packs are designed with hand hygiene in mind, reducing your need to rely on public hand sanitizer dispensers and shared bottles.

Why Snap & Use Packs?

  • Easily Opens with One Hand
  • Single-Use, Hygienic
  • Utilizes Nearly All Sanitizer in Packet
  • Completely Sealed, Extends Shelf Life

Fits in your pocket, bag, lunch box and more.

Convenient Dispenser Box for Reception Areas, Counters and Common Spaces!

*Please note: Minimum order qty for this product is 1000 boxes – 120 units per box.

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