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CBD Services – Build Your Brand Today

High Purity Natural Products offers many services to CBD companies of all sizes, including; white-label and private label product consulting, bulk isolate fulfillment, or 3PL services that help you save money and get products to your customers quicker.

White Label Services

High Purity Natural Products has carefully curated a custom-crafted line of CBD products that are ready for your branding. Optimized by years of innovation, give your business an edge by providing proven products that your customers will love.

Private Label Services

Take your CBD Products to the next level with our private label option. Please consult with us to choose perfect product profiles to suit your brand’s success. For this option, we recommend choosing one of our consulting options to get started.

Isolate fulfillment program.

Incentivized volume pricing structures for weekly and monthly contracts that you will love!

High Purity Natural Products can supply 150kg of 99%+ CBD isolate per day. Our 185,000 square foot facility gives us the ability to add more capacity as needed. If your business continues to grow, we can scale right along with you to ensure continuous, consistent fulfillment.

Our CBD isolate is always 99%+ pure, with none of those nasty residual solvents that tend to linger in many isolate options on the market.

3PL Shipping

Save shipping fees and time! We can fulfill many shipping needs and save you time and money with our 3PL shipping services. We warehouse your products in our licensed facility and fulfill them directly to your customers.

Custom Formulation for a Distinctive Product

Looking to market a product with a unique terpene profile? Perhaps you want something with an unmistakable botanical influence? Our team of extraction and formulation specialists can help you develop a product that sets your brand apart from the field.

Custom formulated products from HPNP can include the same high quality full and broad spectrum characteristics of our white label offerings, but with your own distinctive touch. We can help develop a range of custom products, including tinctures, lotions, cosmetics, vapes, isolates, and more.

Hemp Cultivation and Farming

Looking to grow your own hemp for production and extraction? Our network of experts can help you cultivate the highest quality industrial hemp at any scale.

We can provide knowledgeable consulting services, top-quality seeds and clones, and refined genetics for unparalleled hemp products. Quality begins with the soil. Let us help you develop the best possible hemp.