Terpenes can give your tinctures an edge when customized to energize!

Your customers are looking for a product that helps them focus while they are working from home and something that will help them sleep naturally. As a retailer or distributor, this is an opportunity to meet a need in the marketplace currently and bring a new and innovative product to the masses! 

As we have mentioned in our other blog posts regarding our terpene complexes, how many adults today struggle with the ability to focus and concentrate. Now more than ever with folks working from home and taking Zoom calls while also juggling keeping the kids busy and out of the background of Zoom calls, digesting what is on the news and how to go about life mid-pandemic –people are more stressed than ever and need help focusing. 

What better way to help get that ‘edge’ back, than adding the High Purity Natural Products’ Focus & Energy Terpene Complex to any flavor tincture that you desire. 

The Focus & Energy Terpene Complex is perfect for those who are:

  • Looking to get into ‘flow state’ (the feeling of being “in the zone”)
  • Having trouble staying alert during their fifth Zoom call of the day
  • Searching for a way to increase their work capacity as their bandwidth decreases because they are taking on the role of camp counselor as summer starts
  • Looking to fight fatigue and mid-day tiredness 
  • Wanting to increase their mental processing and cognitive ability

Everyone wants to have the ability to react more quickly, think clearly under stress, focus on complex tasks at hand, remember names and places and be more present in everyday life; the High Purity Natural Products’ terpene complex was developed specifically for focus and increased energy. 

Introduce adaptogens…. (Need to do some research)