What is the difference between the terms “White Label” and “Private Label” and which is best for your brand?

The terms “White Label” and “Private Label” can be used interchangeably, however, there are differences between the two and one option may be more beneficial to your brand. A white label manufacturer will formulate a generic product such as a flavorless, 500MG tincture and multiple resellers can rebrand that tincture as their own product with their own packaging, labels, and design. When working with a white label manufacturer, each reseller is selling the same tincture with no formulation modifications and the tinctures are branded as the reseller’s or retailers’ own product. For brands to stand out from the crowd, the branding and marketing of the business truly comes into play as your product will be the same as other retailers. Choosing the route of white-label does have its benefits as it is the quickest way to bring your brand to market because there is no wait time for R&D and you have the ability to curate a product line that is made up of over 100+ SKUs of already tested and trusted formulations designed by experts in the industry.

White-Label Pros:

  • Usually the fastest way to get to market
  • Already formulated product
  • Product tested by the market and trusted, designed by experts in the industry
  • No waiting for R&D: Saving money not paying for research and development
  • Have confidence that you are selling a quality product

White-Label Cons: Your product will not have the same unique qualities as private label 


When it comes to private labeling, the product is created exclusively for one individual reseller or retailer. This allows brands to make modifications to the generic formulations that are provided as white label products and introduces the opportunity for brands to create their very own, never before seen product that the market didn’t know it needed! This requires more time than a white label option, but it will open the doors to allow brands to develop unique and cutting-edge products that are specific to their niche. Private label manufacturing your own product, like white label manufacturing will have the reseller or retailers logo and branding on the product but no one else will have that specific formulation besides that individual brand.

Private Label Pros:

  • Unique & cutting-edge product that no one else has
  • Opportunity to be ‘hands-on’ in the creation and formulation process of your product
  • Ability to cater to your niche
  • cGMP and 100% Organic product options

Private Label Cons:

  • More time consuming than white label option.
  • More expensive for research and development for a newly developed product

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