Knowing the difference between white and private label products could help your brand make optimal decisions.

If you are considering adding new products, this knowledge could save thousands of dollars in product development, and most importantly, time.

There is an essential distinction between white and private label products. If you are a new, or established brand, there are positives and negatives with each. Let’s dig in.

Let’s begin by defining what each product is.

White label products are proven, tested, and may already be on the market under other brand names. A contract manufacturer like High Purity Natural Products will have a lot of experience making these products and can offer variations in flavor, scent, strength, etc.

Private label products are developed on a client-by-client basis to achieve a new and unique product. Once through the development stage, a private label product will only be manufactured for the brand that took the time and paid the fees for development. Contract manufacturers like High Purity Natural Products will often contract this product as proprietary to the brand that paid for development.

The hybrid – “house blends.” Our CBD tinctures are a great example of “house blends.” We offer a wide array of white label CBD tinctures. Our tinctures are blended to suit many purposes through different terpenes and CBD types. Most of these tinctures are offered in multiple flavors and various CBD types and strengths. High Purity’s “house blend” products are unique in that we can provide clients with exceptional custom products without the expense of developing a proprietary product.

How should you decide between white and private label? Consider what’s suitable for your brand at this moment in time? Is a unique – proprietary product critical to your success? As a start-up, you might be better off saving time and money and moving forward with a white-label or house blend product. As an established brand, a proprietary product could be a game-changer. Consider your budget, your schedule, and the maturity of your business. We are always glad to help you make decisions that are best for your brand.

Here’s an example, using our white label vegan CBD gummies. We currently offer more than 100 combinations with choices of CBD type, strength, flavor, intent, and shape. If you are considering selling this popular product, we will most likely have something that works for your brand. However, if your brand requires something unique, we can always work with you to develop something new and different, adding fiber, a special ingredient, or what have you.

High Purity Natural Products is a well-established contract manufacturer that provides a wide array of white and private label products to consumer brands and distributors. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what is best for your brand. You can view our entire lineup of wholesale – house blend products here, or, if you would like to consult with us on private label options, please click here.