Wholesale CBD Prices – THC Free Isolate – CBG – CBN – CBC – Broad Spectrum – Full Spectrum – Water Soluble: Are bulk CBD prices stabilizing in 2021?

Most anyone who follows the supply side of the wholesale CBD – wholesale hemp business knows that there has been a lot of volatility with the price of wholesale hemp – CBD derivatives, including THC Free CBD distillate, CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum CBD extract, Broad Spectrum CBD extract, CBG isolate, and other rare hemp cannabinoids like CBN and CBC during the last few years. Wholesale hemp extracts, including CBD, were especially volatile in 2020.

2020 Wholesale CBD Prices

2020 saw a significant decline in the price of wholesale CBD products. No surprise there, really, because, well… 2020. The prices began a downward trend in February and never fully recovered.

2021 Wholesale CBD Prices

The good news is that we have seen wholesale CBD prices stabilize somewhat in 2021, with some products like smokeable CBD flower and CBG showing price increases. Hemp farmers and hemp processing facilities are undoubtedly happy to see the prices stabilize.

Will future prices CBD isolate prices remain stable?

We wish we could tell you for sure! We do know that the demand for CBD products has shown steady, consistent growth. We also know that as more states come online in legalizing cannabis related products, it should only increase the demand for all products, including CBD. Hopefully, this will correlate positively with the hemp biomass supply and provide a nice bounce back from 2020.

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